Molds and molding tools


Graphic technology for manual and machine shaping

A large number of our customers use Grafit for their special manual or machine shaping. This means that material is melted, poured into molds and then further processed.

In particular, we offer this high-quality material to our customers in the field of glassblowing and manufacture molds and forming tools for both manual and machine forming of glass: technical glass, laboratory glass, art glass or glass Christmas tree ornaments.

Especially for molding, we produce individual molds:

  • Semi-forms
  • Folding molds
  • Double forms
  • multipart molds
  • Molding Plates
  • Mold Rolls
  • Reamer & hexagonal carbons

Half form

Folding form

Double form

Roller trestle with mold

Graphite torso