Hexagonal carbons

Discover our high quality hexagonal carbons, specially designed for various applications in glass processing and manufacturing. With a precise pitch of 1:10, our hexagonal carbons offer first-class results when driving glass edges, producing standard cuts and narrowing glass tubes.

Our hexagonal carbons are characterized by the following features:

Precise pitch 1:10:
Thanks to the precise pitch, our hexagonal carbons ensure uniform and accurate processing of glass edges, standard cuts and glass tubes.

Versatile application:
Our carbons are ideal for precisely flaring glass edges, making standard cuts and narrowing glass tubes. They are an indispensable tool in glass processing.

Rely on our hexagonal carbons to efficiently and accurately complete your glass processing projects. Designed for the highest quality and performance, our glass processing tools will help you optimize your manufacturing processes.

Browse our range now and find the right hexagonal carbons for your requirements.