We train as toolmakers and machining mechanics

We are a training company and are happy to pass on our enthusiasm for graphite as a material.

Main areas of activity:

Production: We manufacture components with the greatest possible precision.

Machines: We work with conventional and computer-controlled machine tools.

Process: We use deforming processes, such as drilling, turning, milling or grinding.

Other activities:

YourPlan manufacturing strategies; review production quality.

Requirement Profile:

You have completed the 10th grade.

You bring manual dexterity, logical thinking and spatial awareness. You also have a good knowledge of geometry and mathematics.

You are physically resilient and enjoy making decisions.


You think in a structured and planned manner, have an interest in technology and an awareness of costs. You like to get involved and enjoy your job.

If all of this applies to you, we look forward to talking with you!



Authorized signatory:
Mr. Stefan Andrä

Internal Sales:

EST Andrä Grafittechnik GmbH
Stefan Andrä
On the stones 3

98693 Ilmenau

Tel.: 03677 202431
Mobile: 0172-7958628

Our office hours:
Monday to Friday 7:00 to 14:00 and by appointment

Receipt / issue of goods:

Monday to Friday 7:00 to 14:00 and by appointment